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STL Gold Centrifugal Concentrator

5-100 tons per hour per unit and high recovery rates 90%.

       Centrifugal Gold Concentrator is a new type of gravity concentration equipment for gold separating and other high density minerals. The centrifugal machine has many competitive advantages compared with other concentration machines which create high returns for the investors.We have only semi-continuous(Batch type) centrifugal gold concentrators. and we have monitor control the feeding pipe into centrifugal concentrators.

Since 1985, three models of centrifugal concentrator have been developed. Application shows that the recovery can be as high as 99%, especially for the case in recovering the natural gold in lode ore with 65% of the ore having a milling size of 0.074mm, the recovery for the natural gold is expected up to 98%. For that natural gold of 0.004mm in particle size, the recovery is 97%. The cleaning up cycle is 1~4 hours. And the upgrade ratio is up to 1,000 times. 

Technical Parameters For Centrifugal Concentrator
Photocentrifugal gold concentrator.jpgcentrifugal gold concentrator.jpgcentrifugal gold concentrator.jpg

centrifugal gold concentrator.jpg

Feeding size0-4mm0-6mm0-6mm0-6mm
Feeding density<30%<30%<30%<30%
Recoil water8m³/h10-20m³/h20-30m³/h40-60m³/h
3 kw7.5 kw15kw18.5 kw
Dimension (mm)1180x1140x12501970x1670x17502100x1800x18502600x1850x2150
Weight 750 kg1700 kg2300 kg3500 kg

998fb57a86aba75d4d5262351a8058c7.pngFeatures include:

●  High recovery rate●  Different model available
●  Auto-discharge●  High capacity
●  Smooth operation●  Water save
●  Easy installation●  One year spare parts for free
●  Low failure rate●  One-stop service,oversea service available

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