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Gold sluice box

Vibrating/pulsating gold sluice box


     Vibrating / Pulsating sluice box in 70s by the Chinese engineers invented, mainly used in the selection of gold deposit. Very good for the fine grained gold and flake gold, and has the advantages of simple structure, less investment, less trouble, better performance, low energy consumption, water consumption is small, effective equipment for placer gold washing.

     Can also be applied to other heavy mineral dressing. The utility model effectively overcomes the phenomenon of the groove hardening, reduces the phenomenon of the sedimentation tank, and improves the recovery rate of the fine particles gold.

     Working principle: vibrating / pulsating gold sluice box is the use of the difference specific gravity between the gold and sand, gold ore slurry go through the chute,then the gold are higher SG (specific gravity)  and settlement at the bottom layer. the sand is small SG floating in the upper layer with the water flow out of the work area. The old design sluice box (with matting) was felt by gold,but the chute is quickly hardening, sedimentation on tank, gold recovery rate can be only about 30~60%, these shortcomings, vibrating / pulsating sluice box targeted to overcome these shortcomes. it's bottom plate made of rubber sheet, using mechanical pulsating the plate, the bottom plate slowly pulsating, to overcome sediment compaction, periodic pulsating, catch the gold and discharge sand, so that the recovery rate increased to about 90%.

     Main technical parameters: so far,we have two models for choices. miners can select the model accord to their capacity requirements. two sets can be used in series to get higher gold recovery rate.

Technical Parameter For Pibrating Sluice Box
Capacity30 m³/h30 m³/h
Feeding size0-15mm0-15mm
Feeding density<30%<30%
Water consumption
60-80 m³/h50-70 m³/h
Power5.5kw,  1.1kw (for hydraulic) 

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