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MGT100 portable gold trommel

Model: MGT100

Processing Capacity(t/h):100

Trommel Size: 1.5m by 4.5m

Trommel Power: 11 kilowatts

Pump Power: 22 kilowatts

Sluice/Concentrator (Customized): 2 set

Mobile Equipments: Single Front Axle, Single Rear Axle, Four Wheels

Machine Size(mm): 8300*2400*4700


MGT100 Portable Gold Trommel Wash Plant

Up to 150 tons per hour, quick to setup, and high recovery rates.

China MGT portable gold trommel 1.jpg
MGT100 Portable Gold Trommel
Our 150 tons per hour rated MGT100 portable gold trommel has a full power four point drive system, which eliminates the chain drive, Electric motor drives the trommel and the pump. Waterway system is complete and clients can adjust water size by valve.it is high manganese steel screen, longer life and easy to move design,simple installation and maintenance



998fb57a86aba75d4d5262351a8058c7.pngFeatures include:

●  Easy to move and operate.

●  Oversized bearing and shaft.
●  High degree integrated design.●  High tensile frames
●  Large processing capacity.●  Time saving, easy, and fast setup andassembly
●  The most advanced and the most widely used●  One year spare parts for free
●  Labor saving.●  One-stop service,oversea service available

998fb57a86aba75d4d5262351a8058c7.pngAverage typical sluice set up recommended is 1m by 6m pulsating sluice box, or go with centrifugal concentrators, JINZUN will analyisis for you to best fit your mine site.

998fb57a86aba75d4d5262351a8058c7.pngPower requirement is 33 kilowatts. Water requirement is 300 m³ to 450 m³ per hour. 

998fb57a86aba75d4d5262351a8058c7.pngWater pumps, generators, centrifugal concentrators,and sluice boes available upon request at an additional cost.

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